Our Journey

Born in India, the birthplace of Yoga, Prasoon started a food company after successfully exiting his first startup. Life as an entrepreneur is always challenging, and Prasoon started practicing Yoga to solve his wellness issues. That’s when he was introduced to the age-old food science of Yogic nutrition by his Yoga teacher, to complement his yogic performance.

But he faced a lot of difficulty in finding these food products with authentic ingredients and desired benefits. Prasoon and Dhawal went on a mission to develop these food products for themselves and the world. They decided to reinvent this science into daily nutrition products for yoga lovers. And thus, Food Yoga was born.

In pic: Prasoon Gupta

People who make it happen

  • Prasoon Gupta

    A trained Yoga Coach, Certified Nutritionist, and an alumnus of both IIT and Stanford University.

  • Dhawal Phadke

    Cofounder and CEO, Successfully built a snacking brand from India in the last 6 years, 8 years of Entrepreneurial experience

  • Yousef Abuzuaiter

    A CPG distributor with a presence in the Mid Atlantic and Texas regions, boasting a national import footprint. He brings over two decades of experience in launching CPG Brands in the United States.

  • Sunil Paliwal

    A seasoned food technologist with more than 30 years of experience, previously employed at Unilever and The Coca-Cola Company. He is an alumnus of IIT.

  • Mark Phelps (Advisor)

    An ex-founder of Innovasion, responsible for building a $250 million revenue Asian frozen food business.


A glimpse of our factory